Craig Regional Park

Craig Regional Park is a 124-acre recreational park that offers biking, hiking and picnicking. It also has a rose garden and a lake.

It is also a popular wildlife sanctuary and a bird-watching destination. It is home to a three-acre lake that is visited by annual migratory waterfowl. You’ll be glad you read this!

Recreational Opportunities

Enjoying the outdoors with friends and family is a wonderful way to relax and recharge. Fullerton is home to numerous parks and nature preserves that provide a variety of recreational opportunities, some of which are free.

The 124-acre Craig Regional Park is an urban park that offers biking, hiking, picnicking and other outdoor activities. It features a formal rose garden, hills, a lake and three year-round creeks.

The park is also a wildlife sanctuary, which attracts migratory waterfowl every year. Fishing for catfish and bluegill is allowed here, but you must have a California fish license to do so. You can also launch model radio-controlled sailboats on the lake.


Fullerton’s Craig Regional Park stretches across 124 acres with rolling hills, ball diamonds, natural open space, a 3-acre lake and a formal rose garden. It’s a great destination for jogging, hiking, picnicking and biking.

The shady park has a large number of pathways, tables and chairs sprinkled throughout. There’s also a natural interpretive center that offers displays on wildlife.

The lake, which resides within the 124-acre park, is home to migratory waterfowl like geese and ducks as well as catfish and bluegill that can be caught with a fishing license. The lake is a popular spot for families and anglers to enjoy a day in the sun. Visit another area in town here.


A scenic park located within walking distance of downtown Fullerton, Craig Regional Park is a great place to have a picnic or simply enjoy the outdoors. Its 124 acres include footpaths, park benches and picnic tables dispersed throughout the park.

Known as a wildlife sanctuary, the park is a popular destination for bird watching. Migratory waterfowl are a common sight as they swim around Laguna Lake.

Several picnic shelters are available for group reservations. These shelters can accommodate 300 – 400 people.

Bird Watching

Craig Regional Park is a popular bird watching destination with its plenty of trees, lake, and three year-round creeks. It is a wonderful urban getaway to spend a day in nature with friends and family.

The park also offers a variety of recreational activities. Visitors can take a hike or bike along the trails, enjoy a picnic, and play sports at various sport fields.

The park is also a popular fishing spot. Those who own a fishing license can catch catfish and bluegill fish in the lake. They can also launch model radio-controlled sailboats.


A 124-acre regional park, Craig features a variety of recreational activities, including picnic areas, playgrounds and tot lots. Three softball fields, one baseball field and jogging trails are also available for use.

The park is part of the OC Parks Summer Concert Series and Sunset Cinema film series. Free family-friendly movie screenings occur Friday nights in June through September at rotating locations throughout the park system.

The park is also home to the Fullerton Train Museum, which houses an extensive collection of vintage railcars. Visitors can tour the museum on their own or take a self-guided campus tour led by Titan Ambassadors, currently enrolled students at CSUF. This is a great way to learn about campus life, the buildings and special programs that CSUF offers. Browse next article.


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