Why Hire a Landscape Lighting Company?

Landscape lighting illuminates walkways, architectural features and water features, making homes more welcoming after dark. It can also highlight trees, blooming flowers, and other elements to create a cozy post-sunset atmosphere.

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Curb Appeal

If you are considering putting your house on the market in the near future, you’ll want to give your home curb appeal that will catch people’s eyes. And while a well-manicured lawn and lush plants can help you, a landscape lighting company can add even more to your home’s appearance at night, making it stand out from the rest.

Well-planned landscape lighting highlights your home’s architecture and showcases your landscaping, creating an appealing sight for passersby and guests. For example, lighting that highlights a pond or statue’s hypnotic patterns or the intricate details of your Pygmy Date Palm can add an element of beauty to your yard.

You can also use uplighting to accentuate unique architectural features of your home, such as pillars, rockwork, or dormers. Or, use wash lights to illuminate the symmetrical details of your walls or porch columns. These lighting techniques aren’t just for show – they are also great safety features that improve your personal security by increasing visibility on your property at night.


Many people have a subconscious habit of turning the lights on before walking up or down stairs. A well-lit walkway eliminates the tripping hazards that can occur in the dark, giving you and your guests peace of mind.

Outdoor lighting can also make your business safer at night by illuminating areas like stairs, driveways, and parking lots. By avoiding these tripping hazards, your customers and employees can avoid injuries and increase safety for everyone on your property.

For added safety, it’s important to have your landscape lighting professionally installed. Not only does it look better, but it can be more energy efficient and safer than a poorly-lit area. It’s also important to keep in mind that low-voltage lighting generates significant heat and can start a fire in dry mulch or grass. Make sure your landscape lighting contractor uses a transformer that’s rated for outdoor use and has a UL 1838 certification. Also, be sure to call 811 before digging so your utility lines can be marked and avoided.


Landscape lighting not only adds to your property value, it can also create a beautiful atmosphere for guests and family members after dark. The type of lighting and its position can make a huge difference in the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

One of the most common uses for landscape lighting is to illuminate walkways, driveways, and garden paths. They not only look aesthetically pleasing but they can help guide visitors and prevent trips and falls. Path lights are available in simple, understated designs that blend in well with the surrounding landscape or ornate, decorative pieces to attract attention and act as charming accents.

In your “wants” column, write down any features of your property you’d like to highlight at night. These could be anything from the heirloom roses in your garden to the stone walls on your property. You’ll want to talk to your designer about these features during your first meeting to ensure they can incorporate them into your design.


Many homeowners are concerned about trespassing on their property at night. This can be prevented with the right landscape lighting, which highlights walls and architectural features. It also prevents tripping hazards, which are easy to forget when walking around in the dark.

Commercial properties can benefit from well-lit walkways, patios, and outdoor seating areas as well. It makes it easier for employees and customers to navigate the premises, which deters criminal activity.

Professional landscape lighting shows off your building at night, giving it a distinct and unique look. It can even showcase your company’s logo, helping you stand out in a crowd. It’s more than just putting lights up, however. It’s a form of art that takes time and expertise to create. And it’s one of the best ways to improve your home or business without breaking the bank. Contact us today to get started! Our services are available throughout Utah. Find out more!