Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal With an Outdoor House Lighting Company

Curb appeal makes a great first impression on potential homebuyers and property evaluators. It also helps create a sense of house pride among homeowners. Read on to know more.

For instance, a stylish mailbox, eye-catching house numbers, and a unique door knocker can add to your curb appeal.

Likewise, uplighting your impressive trees can enhance your landscape design.

1. Uplighting

Uplighting is a lighting technique that highlights the architectural elements of your home. It uses light fixtures that are positioned low to the ground and directed upward, which casts a soft glow on a home’s exterior. It can also highlight statues, trees, or other landscape features that might otherwise go unnoticed after the sun goes down.

It also accentuates a home’s unique texture, highlighting the intricate brick pattern or bold eave design. The play of light and shadow makes these features stand out and makes it easy for guests to find their way around the property after dark.

Another use for uplighting is to illuminate stairs and pathways, which helps improve safety and creates an upscale feel. LED uplighting is a safer option than candles or string lights because it doesn’t heat up and pose a fire hazard. It can also be set to change colors throughout the night, creating a lively atmosphere for any event.

2. Pathway Lighting

Few features of a home add to its beauty and value like well-lit walkways and stairs. These lights not only provide safety for family and guests but also help to highlight the natural or architectural features of your property at night.

Pathway lighting is usually a low-voltage fixture installed in the ground that shines a soft light up and out toward an area. This type of lighting can be found in a wide range of styles and is a great way to enhance a garden, patio, or deck.

There are even recessed pathway lights that blend in with the surrounding landscape. Some are even shaped to look like a plant! Normally, these lights are spaced 5-8′ apart, depending on the bulb wattage. Staggering the placement of these fixtures can create a more natural look, rather than having them all line up in a row. This is especially helpful when trying to highlight certain landscaping elements, such as a stone staircase or other architectural features.

3. Security Lighting

Security lighting helps deter criminal activity, creates a sense of safety for those who live in or visit the home, and provides an attractive addition to landscaping. Security lights can be placed near entry points to the property, walkways, driveways, and covered areas like a porch or deck. They can also be paired with cameras and contact sensors for added protection.

Spotlights are popular security lighting options that concentrate a narrow beam of light on specific areas. They can be installed at ground level to focus on the area where most crime occurs, or at a higher level to illuminate stairs and walkways.

Dusk-to-dawn lighting is another common option that keeps the outdoor space lit all night. These lights can be motion-triggered or set to turn on at a scheduled time. Security lights can also be LED, which use less energy than traditional bulbs and don’t generate much heat so they’re not a fire risk.

4. Accent Lighting

When selling a home, good curb appeal is a critical part of the process. Homeowners spend a lot of time and money on landscaping, flowers, and exterior paint to ensure the home is visually appealing for potential buyers.

Illuminating your front porch, walkways, and stairs is a great way to add safety for guests and family members after dark. A well-lit pathway prevents tripping or stumbling, and it also makes the property look more inviting to visitors.

Accent lighting differs from other types of lighting in that it is primarily an aesthetic element of a space. It can highlight a plant, water feature, or statue to create a focal point for passersby and encourage them to pause to admire the feature. This type of lighting typically uses track, wall-mounted, or recessed fixtures that can be angled to spotlight specific features of a property. The result is a welcoming, attractive outdoor space that’s perfect for a relaxing evening with friends or family. Continue reading the next article.