Angel Stadium of Anaheim

A visit to Angel Stadium of Anaheim is incomplete without enjoying an Angel Dog or singing along with the Rally Monkey shenanigans. It is a pleasant baseball setting that does not overdo scoreboard theatrics or other fan distractions.

City officials have reached a deal to sell the city-owned ballpark and 151 acres for development that includes affordable housing, a city park, and union construction jobs. More by clicking here.


Angel Stadium of Anaheim has the look and feel of most modern-style baseball stadiums. It’s a large stadium that has a lot of seating areas but is easy to navigate for first-timers. The 100 and 200 numbered sections are located on the field level while the 300 numbered seats are located on the club level.

The best seats for watching Los Angeles Angels games are behind home plate in the infield sections 110-126. If you can’t score tickets to those seats, the outfield sections are a good alternative. For those looking for a more premium experience, opt for an Angels Dugout Suite or an Angels Party Suite. Both can be rented on a single-game basis and include private balcony seating, access to the Lexus Diamond Club, premium parking, and other benefits.

The sun rises over the right-center field fence in the morning and then works its way down the 1st baseline during the day, creating some shade for fans seated in the lower sections of the stands. Depending on the time of year, the sun can also start to set behind the 3rd base stands which creates some shade in those sections as well.

Sun Protection

In the summertime, there’s about an hour or so between the start of a 7:07 game and sunset. That’s plenty of time for the sun to move into a position that will provide shade to fans seated in sections on the 3rd base side. Some parts of the 1st baseline will also be in the shade as well, though not all 100-level seats are protected from the SoCal sun. Seats in right field sections 132-135 and 236-249 are especially susceptible to the sun and will require a hat or sunglasses for an afternoon or night game.

The 200 Level has Club Level overhangs that help protect some seats. In addition, the 500 Level has roof overhangs that cover a majority of the seating area. For the most coverage, seek out tickets on the third base side or behind home plate. This unique place is a must-see!

Foul Territory

In the land of freeways, boulevards, and laid-back office complexes, Angel Stadium is a reminder of Orange County’s agrarian past. A row of trees splits Gene Autry Way, and the ballpark’s parking lot evokes long orchard driveways bathed in cool shade.

The sun rises over the right-center field fence and works its way around to set behind the 3rd base stands, leaving a large section of the stadium in shadow at the beginning of most games. Fans seated closest to the home plate have the best chance of remaining in the shade throughout the game.

The sale of the city’s $320 million public baseball stadium and 150 acres of land to a development team led by Angels owner Arte Moreno is on hold, thanks to a detailed FBI affidavit that alleges corruption and other crimes. That should prompt hard questions of the governing cabal in Anaheim that pushed through the rushed deal. Among the accusations: were bribery, wire fraud, and witness tampering.


When you get to the ballpark, there’s usually an hour or so before sunset at 7:07 p.m. during an Angels game, so you should have plenty of time to find your seats and enjoy the ambiance before the sun goes down.

A few gimmicks have been added since the renovation to make Angel Stadium feel more like a modern-day park, and the most noticeable is a giant faux rock pile behind left-center field called the California Spectacular. It looks like something from Frontierland at Disneyland, and it runs recycled water down petite rapids, shoots water geysers, and, when an Angel hits a home run, blows flames upward.

It’s not enough to make up for the overall lack of variety and quality at the concession stands, the relative inaccessibility of the club level, or the absence of a simple place to hang out between innings, but it’s a welcome addition. It’s also a reminder that the Angels are still playing in southern California. Find out more!


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